About Us

This website is dedicated to assisting anyone interested in helping Manitoba’s children in care to navigate the many options available, whether they are interested in becoming a kinship, foster, customary care, or adoptive family.

“Community of Care” is a recruitment campaign involving child and family services Authorities and agencies, the Manitoba Foster Family Network and the Province of Manitoba. The campaign is dedicated to the concept of “we are all related.” Underlying this concept is the understanding that every culture has traditional values and practices about banding together for its members’ mutual support and protection. These same values and practices continue to be important today, both within and between cultures, as we become more of a global village. This is your opportunity to participate in these longstanding traditions.

In the spirit of our ancestors I thank you for your interest in becoming a foster, kinship, customary care, or adoptive family. Remember, “We are all Related…Join the Community of Care.”